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Custom by Cavelli takes great pride in creating a project that is specifically tailored to each individual client. 

We go beyond the standard to ensure that every detail of your project reflects precision and perfection.


We offer a variety of custom services.


Client Testimonials

Dominic Cavelli

Carpenter by Trade

From a young age, he harbored a passion for working with his hands and constructing things around the house. His introduction to tools came at the age of 10. With several years of experience in the remodeling field, he has honed his skills.

After completing construction trades training in high school, he ventured into running his own business, achieving considerable success. Dominic takes pride in delivering meticulous work and craftsmanship. His approach involves not only dedicating ample time to each project but also seeking creative solutions within the constraints of a customer’s budget.

His goal extends beyond merely completing tasks; he aspires to craft beautiful and enduring products for his customers, exemplified by the brand name—Custom by Cavelli.

Dominic Cavelli